• Store music in the cloud so you can
    share with family & friends.
  • Stream music and syncing playlists on any device on WI-FI or 3G/4G LTE
  • Use existing accounts with no need for a new one to enjoy access to your content
  • Getting Started
  • 1
    Store Music in the Cloud
    Google Drive; One Drive; Dropbox; Sugarsync
  • 2
    Install 3-launchpad
    Available on Desktop and Mobile
  • 3
    Stream & Sync Playlists
    Online & Offline Playback
  • Learn more, get tips, tricks & hints submit questions
  • 3-Launchpad
    Cloud Music Player
    Android Devices
  • Google Play Store
  • Linux
  • 3-launchpad.deb
  • 3-launchpad.rpm
  • Microsoft Windows
  • 3-launchpad.msi
  • Mac OSX
  • 3-launchpad.dmg (Installer)
  • 3-launchpad (Application)
  • Install Now
    Other Systems
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    Who we are
    The Phi Technology was founded in 2011 in Nashville, Tennessee.
    The Phi is 1.61803399, a proportions essential to all things living & functioning and a corner stone of the Vitruvian Principles.
    We believe all technologies whether it be consumers and enterprises need be Vitruvian in nature:
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    We are an eclectic group of individuals from a wide variety of domains: technology; machine learning; medicine and arts and regular technology enthusiasts. That is why our products cater to both consumers and enterprises.
    Our team is growing and we welcome contributors from every walk of life or new ideas for new and better products.
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